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6 Website Design Trends for 2024

Updated on:Dec 7, 2023Read time: 4 min

Are you ready to revolutionize your online presence in 2024? As the digital landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it's crucial for businesses and individuals alike to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to website design. In this blog post, we'll explore the top website design trends expected to dominate in 2024, based on current trends at the end of 2023. Whether you're a student, customer, trainer, designer, enthusiast, developer, or graphic designer, these trends will inspire and guide you towards creating visually stunning websites that captivate your audience.

UX-Focused Design

The focus on UX or user experience is becoming increasingly prevalent in web design. This trend is expected to continue growing as designers strive to create immersive experiences for users. User-centered design encompasses various aspects that contribute to lead generation, increased traffic, and conversions.

Every element of a website, from the navigation bar to the hero image or headline, animations or videos, and text, is carefully designed to engage visitors from the moment they arrive. The information presented on the home page should be concise and immediately communicate what the business offers and how it can solve potential customers' problems.

Businesses can also utilize AI-powered platforms to gain insights into their customers' needs and preferences, allowing them to create personalized experiences. Many websites already leverage these platforms to simplify navigation and provide instant recommendations or solutions. In the future, UX may become the primary focus of web design trends.

Kinetic Or Dynamic Typography

Kinetic or dynamic typography is an emerging trend in web design. It involves adding animation to text to instantly capture the viewer's attention. Many designers and brands are already embracing this trend.

Kinetic typography can be a standout feature on your website, even serving as a standalone element on the home page. By using moving text for headlines or subheadings, you can keep users engaged without cluttering the website with visuals or shapes. This not only improves the browsing experience but also ensures that the website remains fast and visually appealing on mobile devices.

This web design trend is expected to have a significant impact in the future. Consider incorporating kinetic typography into websites for digital marketing services, portfolios, agencies, and SaaS platforms to make a lasting impression.

Interactive Storytelling

Designers will need to tap into their toolkits in 2024 to engage people with storytelling in web design, which is already a popular trend. Storytelling can help establish a unique brand identity and voice in a competitive landscape.

Despite its dominance in the design industry, how can storytelling continue to be a rising web design trend? The answer lies in innovation. By incorporating interactivity into storytelling, designers can make a strong impact on the audience and encourage them to stay on the page for longer periods.

However, achieving this can be challenging. Interactive storytelling involves seamlessly guiding visitors from one point to another without disrupting the flow of information.

By incorporating gamification, videos, and immersive 3D visuals, designers can create unforgettable experiences for users on websites. It's important to note that interactive storytelling doesn't always have to be grandiose. Simple animations with two or three visuals or dynamic text can also be effective. This web design trend can provide valuable inspiration for e-commerce websites.

Handmade Illustrations

One web design trend that is expected to be seen frequently in the future is illustrations on websites. Although Mailchimp popularized this trend, it was not commonly seen in recent years. However, that has changed now. There are now various websites with captivating handmade illustrations that engage visitors and encourage them to scroll until the end.

These illustrations can be used to tell stories, demonstrate how a business solves real problems for consumers, or draw attention to different services. They don't have to be overly complex and can effectively convey the intended message with a simple design.

Illustrative images can be added to any type of website, creating a memorable user experience. Handmade illustrations are predicted to become a dominant web design trend in 2024 due to their versatility. They can work well with different themes, layouts, and elements, playing a significant role in good web design that helps businesses thrive for a long time.

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Clear Or Visible Borders

When it comes to web design trends for 2024, one trend that cannot be overlooked is the emphasis on clarity in structure. This trend aims to simplify navigation and enhance responsiveness. A great way to achieve this is by incorporating clear borders around large images and product photos. By doing so, user experience can be improved without making significant changes to the overall website design.

The simplicity of this trend is what makes it popular and worth paying attention to in the upcoming year. More and more websites will feature visible and distinct borders that separate sections on the home page or around text. These elements can be creatively utilized in web design to highlight bestselling products or important details.

Clear borders are particularly effective for e-commerce websites, portfolios, and business pages where a minimalist appearance is desired. By simply adding borders for symmetry and balance, the web design can be instantly elevated.

Glassmorphism for the Hero Section

When you visit a website, what is the first thing that catches your attention? Most likely, it's the hero image or visual that occupies the entire area above the screen. But how can you make this stand out and appeal to your audience in a unique way? The answer lies in a rising trend called Glassmorphism.

Glassmorphism is a style where designers use transparency to create a glass-like appearance or effect. It has been gaining popularity recently and is expected to dominate in 2024 as well. By incorporating Glassmorphism into the hero section, you can capture visitors' attention and make them take notice of your message or product.

If people find an image or shape aesthetically pleasing, they are more likely to be intrigued and motivated to scroll further to discover more about a business or brand. Despite its seemingly complex nature, Glassmorphism can actually simplify the design process for professionals. It can be seamlessly integrated into websites across various industries while still adhering to the principles of minimalism.


In conclusion, the website design trends expected to dominate in 2024 are focused on enhancing user experience (UX), incorporating kinetic or dynamic typography, utilizing interactive storytelling, featuring handmade illustrations, emphasizing clear or visible borders, and implementing Glassmorphism for the hero section. These trends aim to create visually stunning websites that captivate audiences and provide immersive experiences. By staying ahead of these trends, businesses and individuals can revolutionize their online presence and stay competitive in the evolving digital landscape.

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